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Garry Whitehouse - Connoisseur & Cuivre Cables

Right after listening for a couple of weeks to my system with Connoisseur interconnect and the Cuivre-Profond speaker cable, I can safely say what the improvements are.

First off the sound is more natural, I noticed with the drums straight away then guitars (I was surprised just how good the bass Guitar sounded), with other instruments following quickly, revealing Horns, Trumpets and Trombones I could not here before. The balance being vastly improved, the sound being held together correctly. There is a big reduction in harshness achieving a sound that is what I have been searching for a long time. The best way to put it is I am a music fan and like to listen to music, that is what the Connoisseur interconnect and the Cuivre-Profond speaker cable have achieved. I now can sit back and listen to the music.


  • Arcam Fmj cd23
  • Nad S300
  • PMC FB1+
  • Connoisseur interconnect
  • Cuivre-Profond speaker cable
  • 2 Shunyata Diamondback Mains Cables
  • Lynwood Mega Power Supply

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