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Henry Tang - Coherent Connoisseur Cables

Iíve know Tony for a number of years now and have been consistently impressed with the progress and sonic improvements he has been able make to his own personal audio system upon each visit since he started R&D into the ideas and products which have now become available through Coherent Audio Systems.

Among the first beta products I tried out and evaluated in my own system as a result of the early development efforts were a range of digital interconnects which I compared to some much pricier ones that I already had in situ. Needless to say I replaced the cables I already had with the very ones that Tony gave me to evaluate. Then some time later came some speaker cables which I was immediately impressed with yet again, another immediate purchase.

Having worked my way through cables top of the range cables in the past from the likes of Siltech, Yammamura-Churhill, Nordost, Acoustic Zen, and Townshend Audio Iíve found the Connoisseur range of cables from Coherent Audio Systems to have a rare and uniquely balance of both sonically and musically excellent attributes. Also, the price of Coherent Audio Systemsí cable in my own personal opinion offers good value for money in comparison to the equivalent competition.

Apart from cables, Coherent Audio Systems also offer a custom equipment modification service and great impartial upgrade advice. You basically discuss your requirements and a unique package is agreed according to your aims and cost criteria. I have been very pleased with improvements wrought out from an Accuphase DP90 CD transport, and the Meadowlark Audio Osprey speakers that are still a part of my current system.

I have also been a very satisfied owner of the Mk I version of the Power Master mains conditioner from Coherent Audio Systems which is a comparatively simple yet very effective little box of tricks. It is my personal opinion once again that this puts some of the more expensive competition to shame. Have yet to try the Mk II version yet, although Iím assured it gives the Audio Magic Eclipse I have something to think about!

Knowing what can be achieved through past listening demos using very similar equipment to which I currently own, Iím very much looking forward to the custom set of modifications which are about to be carried out to my equipment by Coherent Audio Systems.

System: Wadia 850 / 860X CD player (soon to be modified by Coherent Audio Systems) Michell Orbe / SME V / Van Den Hul Frog turntable Bel Canto Evo 200.2 power amps (soon to be modified by Coherent Audio Systems) Bel Canto Pre1 Phono pre amp (soon to be modified by Coherent Audio Systems) Meadowlark Audio Osprey speakers (modified by Coherent Audio Systems) Coherent Audio Systems Connoisseur range of interconnects, speaker cables/jumpers and mains cables Audio Magic Eclipse mains conditioner Stillpoints isolation devices

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