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Tony, The Wadia has now settled in. I really do appreciate the several lengthy visits, you made to show me how to make my system more musically engaging and not just telling me which boxes or combination of boxes were wrong and need to be changed. I have to admit I was very sceptical when on first hearing my system you said, 'yes, it's goodbut you're only hearing 30% of the information on the disc'. But then you set about making the incremental changes to show me how to improve on this.

Apart from the intermittently faulty disc tray, which you fixed of course, after 10 years of regular use I really thought I had my 861 CD player 'sorted out'. Now, I wish I had sought your expertise years back. The internal upgrades, combined with the new Coherent 6D power cable and Black Ravioli feet quite literally transformed this source. The amount of additional information, that I just did not know was on my discs, is astounding. During the last few weeks I have revisited many discs on this ‘'oherent upgraded' player. In every case I have discovered that the performance was not as I had previously heard. More singers and instruments have appeared, different harmonies and many different ambiences. Often a completely different musical intent has been revealed.

Acknowledging at the outset Naim were not your favourite amplifiers, it was particularly pleasing to me when you set about attempting to get the best performance out of my NAP 300DR power amplifier. The effect of moving my Audiophile Base platform from the Wadia CD player to the amplifier power supply was astonishing. As a long term Naim user I have become quite accustomed to a low level hum from the power supply box. Although, my new DR version has been very much quieter, on the Base platform, as you predicted, absolute silence. The noise floor in the music just vanished. Then replacing my Naim with the Belles amplifier, to demonstrate how much an amplifier imposes its character on the musical presentation, still using my Wadia CD player and Focal speakers, was fascinating Not so much a right and wrong presentations, but each different. Perhaps the Belles is not for me, but we will see.

Overall, it was a little disturbing to have to acknowledge how much I had stopped properly assessing my engagement with the music as a whole and become stuck in 'hi-fi' paradigms, ‘more bass’, 'more open and transparent', ‘'better timing', 'better soundstage' etc. each as separate entities. I am sure there are many more improvements you can and will suggest for the future; speaker cables, more mains cables etc. However, right now every performance on every CD is just 'clearer', more Coherent.

Thank you again. Best Robin.

Robin G North London November 2017

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