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I first came across Tony & Coherent Systems while searching the internet, looking for UK Bel Canto specialist, having just purchased a Bel Canto CD2. After my initial conversation with Tony, I was left with the impression here is a guy who is passionate about what he does and really knows his stuff, Tony suggested where I could make some improvements to my system, and we left it at that point.

A few weeks later I purchased one of Tony’s 3D interconnects to replace my current interconnect, and the difference was immediate and very positive, over the next week the interconnect just opened up even more with better tone, texture and a more pleasing presentation of the music

Tony also suggested I should try one of his Bel Canto DC cables to go between my VBL and CD2, the said cable was swiftly sent for me to try. Tony suggested It would get better and the sound would open up over the coming days and week, and true to his word it did just that, it was such an improvement deeper, tighter bass, a top end that was so clear and inviting and better instrument separation, needless to say that cable was staying where it was. Over the next 12 months I upgraded all my interconnects to the 5D and my speaker cable to 4D, this has taken my system to the next level for me, more open, tight, textured well defined bass, a silky-smooth presentation to the music.

I also upgraded some of my equipment, and received impartial, sound advice from Tony, with the added benefit of being able to try items in my system first.

Recently I upgraded my power cables to the CD and DAC, and at Tony’s suggestion tried his recommendation of cable, and wow what can I say, more detail, where did all that bass come from, more dynamic and very musical. For anyone sitting on the fence regarding mains cables, speak to Tony and try some.

I would just like to thank Tony and Coherent Systems for the great advice, and the time he has given me in getting my system to where it is now. I find myself spending more and more time listening to music, and I love it.

Mark H Sheffield November 2017

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