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Coherent cabling Belles umbilical lead and service

Tony, I actually thought I emailed you before I went in vacation but I see I didn't. Very, very impressed. When I first installed the cable it sounded amazing, but I usually take a few days to make sure I wasn't just excited and "wanted" to hear an improvement. After a few days, and some recordings I listed to often ,there was no doubt. I had a few friends over for a listen and they all thought I got a new DAC. When they saw the same DAC sitting there they asked what I changed to the system. No one could believe (myself included) an umbilical cable could make that much of an improvement. I can not thank you enough, money very well spent. The only bad thing is I might have to open my wallet for one of your power cables next lol. Where I live in New Jersey we have a great Belles dealer and I wanted to bring the cable by to show him, I wanted to ask if that ok with you first (since he's a audio shop). The owner is actually a friend and knows Dave Belles well. I actually had the Aria mono blocks when they were still prototypes but the La-01 /sa-100 is in a different league. I'll keep you posted on more impressions now that I'm back from vacation. Thank you once again.

Tony, I have to tell you I would have more more than pleased with the cable on my first listen, but as time goes on it's sounding even better. I'm assuming with the low voltage being passed through break in may take a bit longer but it's clearly getting better as time goes on. It isn't a night and day difference as the cable sounded wonderful as soon as I connected it but it's a bit more relaxed and open now. Usually when i have a new cable inserted I will place the old cable back in after many hours of listening to really compare. Sometimes removing a cable is when you really notice the impact. Unfortunately I have no plans on doing that this time because this cable is never being removed, I don't need to do a A/B comparison.....the changes were that obvious.

Jaime Malcolm New Jersey June 2017

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