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Hi Tony, Just to say thanks for the great service.

Recently I visited a good friend of mine who had not long moved house and had installed a couple of individual mains filters to work in conjunction with his PS Audio P10 mains regenerator. So I felt pursuing the mains filtering route could bring similar benefits to my systems.

So I spoke to Tony @ Coherent Systems who suggested a route method to try first to see if this would be more beneficial for me. Around a week later Tony brought an Audio Magic Transcendence with Coherent upgrades for me to try, comparing to the excellent PS Audio P10 regenerator.

Even from the outset I found it good, Tony advised it would further improve over the coming week and it did. There is solidity and depth in the mid and bass I have never heard from my systems before. This sitting on a Torlyte platform on carpet compared to the P10 on a Creaktiv rack Midi reference rack on Black Ravioli.

I also tried the Coherent BD mains cable feeding each in turn and was stunned at the improvement in sound, especially even when compared to the superb Coherent 6D. More detail, solidity, musicians enjoying themselves more.

My observations in the time that the Audio Magic was providing the system:-

More detailed and nuanced sound, the space between instruments was far more evident, greater width of the soundstage, with improved solidity to the mid range and bass.

In my system comparing the PS Audio P10 and Audio Magic is almost like comparing mono to stereo. So much,more resolving of the music in a larger space.

Moving the Audio Magic onto my Creaktiv rack with Black Ravioli underneath took the sound quality up even further.

The Coherent BD mains cable and Audio Magic Transcendence are staying.

Thanks again to Tony for recommending this and letting me try it out. Now back to the music

Mr M Griffiths , Surrey May 2017

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