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The purchase of a Zanden 3000 preamp a few months ago prompted me to upgrade the mains power feeding the system. I had installed a dedicated spur with a Furutech double socket. With a change of power conditioner to an Isotek Nova & addition of an Isotek Synchro mains cable to feed the Nova gave audible overall improvements. A small gain but still worthwhile for the outlay. The other need was to get a mains cable was that would do justice to the Zanden. Keeping things in proportion I set a budget of 1000. I auditioned three mains cables; the Isotek Synchro, a Coherent Systems 5D & A N Other highly praised cable.

All three cables acquitted themselves well but the Coherent 5D was significantly superior; from the very first notes there was a heightened sense of musicality. The music became further freed of the speakers giving a more unified sound image. The speakers have three drivers each and they have a tendency to separate the sound image slightly. It was significantly less so. The 5D is also quite flexible, it was a bit of a wrestling match installing the other two.

Eager to try a second 5D mains cable to feed the phono preamp I called Tony. He was interested to know about my setup then advised me to that the best placement for the second 5D would be as the power input to the Isotek Nova. Trying out both configurations proved that his recommendation was the right one. Again the improvement was quite significant as to belie the modest outlay. The law of diminishing returns not!

Enthusiasm rekindled the introduction of Coherent Systems 5D speaker cables into my system, delivered more of the same. It had replaced & surpassed the Antipodes Reference cables that had decidedly trounced the Audience au24e.

These cables could do no wrong so to I ordered the Coherent 6D interconnects for my Viva Fono phono stage & Zanden preamp. The Viva Fono had replaced a Groove+ SRX, bettering it's performance with consummate ease & not withstanding that the latter is highly lauded in the audiophile domain.

Completing the signal loom reduced the further noise floor making for deep black background the music spookily real. Low levels were highly resolved as whisper low choir voices were crystal clear. A very slight hum from the speakers had vanished too. Dynamics,bass, midband,treble, soundstage etc became more natural & even closer to the live event.

Conclusion: this is one one hell of an upgrade!

My thanks to Tony for his no pressure, helpful service to ensure total satisfaction. I've heard some very fine systems that were way out of my bracket. They were highly impressive. But there did seem to be some subtle artefacts still present to make the equipment completely invisible. .I would bet that these amazing cables would provide the answer.

Thank you Tony

Mr Peter Fong, London Novemeber 2015

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