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I first heard of Tony and Coherent Systems through a friend who was not happy with the sound of his system. After having unsuccessfully tried a number of different speakers he contacted Tony who spoke to him at length on the phone and then visited him at home to hear his current system and to ask him precisely what sound he was looking for. Tony recommended Harbeth speakers and arranged for my friend to loan a pair which turned out to be just what he had been looking for.

My own system is valve based and I predominantly listen to vinyl and having recently retired, I contacted Tony with a view to seeing if it were possible to upgrade to current spec my 30 year old Oracle Delphi 3 as Coherent Systems are the UK distributors for Oracle and are qualified to carry out upgrades.

After speaking to Tony on the phone for about an hour, it became apparent that whilst the basic design was the same, the number of changes over the past 30 years meant that the best that could be offered was a partial upgrade and he sent me an email detailing what could be done and how much it would cost. I said I would think about it and get back to him.

A few days later he phoned me to say that Oracle had just launched a new version of the Delphi and that he was selling their current demo Delphi which was identical to the new one apart from a split platter. So a PX deal was struck.

He came over to my house and installed the new Delphi with one of his SME V arms as he suggested it would be a good idea to send my 30 year old SME V to SME for a service and said that he would return and install my arm when it came back. He also loaned me a preamp so that I could use the Oracle whilst my own preamp was being upgraded and serviced.

Having had a music system for most of my life and having dealt with a number of dealers over the years with varying degrees of satisfaction and frustration, the thing that struck me most about Tony when I met him is that although he sells hifi equipment for a living and is a highly competent and experienced audio engineer, he is first and foremost a music lover. Furthermore, his prime concern is for you the customer to get the most out of the system you've got in terms of synergy, coherence, musicality and listening pleasure, rather than try to sell you a new one. He's not critical of the components in your system; he asks you what you feel is lacking and how you would like to improve it. Unlike most salesmen he doesn't try to impose what he thinks on you.

In my case it immediately became apparent, both to my wife and myself, how much better the new Oracle was compared to the old one in terms of bass, transparency, detail resolution and background noise. Tony then made some suggestions re speaker placement and isolation and listening position which further improved sound staging and imaging.

Tony also makes his own mains, interconnect and speaker cables and as he demonstrated, they can make a marked improvement to sound quality and the listening experience. If my experience is typical, then he is more than happy to loan you cables so you can decide for yourself whether or not they are for you.

When my CD transport failed, he recommended the Bel Canto CD transport and one of his digital interconnects which he came and installed and which I am very pleased with. I didn't think CDs could sound that good!

My experience of Tony and Coherent Systems has been excellent and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone or contacting him again if I ever had a problem or desire to upgrade my system.

Thank you Tony

Mr Tony Ayres, SE London Novemeber 2015

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