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Thanks so much to Tony for his great patience, Tony came to see me and I went to Tony's to hear different equipment and cables. Some tracks show their quality recording and some just don't. Good news -There are more that improved than I thought!

Having my cheapskate self arguing with my 'must get more out the music' self was always going to be a struggle. Anyway Tony cleverly provided me with 3 of the 6D cables so I had to try the 3rd.The Isis was the box chosen usual good on the 4D, better on the 5D and great on the 6D I thought it couldn't make so much difference but it did. Another 6D. Cheapskate self writhing in agony.

there's more. Martin raved about how the 6D really made a difference on the P10 and the Chord power amp so Tony made me up a 6D with the special IEC the Chord needs. I could see this was probably going to be a keeper but me and the boss were surprised about how much better the 6D was.

The system really sings now with the 4 in place and that's what I ended up buying. Have to confess there are some albums that deliver little extra, but some deliver a huge amount of extra detail now that takes the breath away. Not finished. There are the 2 types of connector. Having heard the 5D with Furutech and the specially rolled on a virgin's thighs (well, blasted and coated by Tony's artisans) I wanted the latter.

System playing the vanilla Furutech's was wonderful With the super duper connectors it was noticeable better and that was from brand spanking new and cold. I know cables get better with use and, placebo or not these are getting better to my ears. A great step up to my system that you could not imagine could come just from mains cables. Thanks to Tony for his patience and various visits.

I am a happy bunny!

Thank you Tony

Mr Michael Griffiths, Surrey September 2015

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