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I first discovered Coherent Systems in 2011 when seeking to purchase the Townshend Stella Stands for my active speakers. I bought them from Tony, as a Townshend dealer, and he came to West Wales to install them and give me the benefit of an audio diagnostic which was both illuminating and invaluable.

Since then, I have addressed all my hifi needs through Tony and in the process acquired two wonderful Belles preamps and numerous Coherent cables, power conditioners, and upgrades. He also introduced me to the Black Ravioli isolation range.

For an electronics dumb head like myself, his expertise is breathtaking but perhaps more to the point, given how subjective audio appreciation can be, his aesthetic judgment, in my view - or rather to my ears- is spot on and entirely reliable. If he suggests that a product will provide a deeper, more articulate bass or more texture and spatiality, then you can bet your life it will.

I have spent a fair bit since that fateful visit but it has transformed my listening experience. Tony's mantra is 'musical flow and engagement'. All his cables make the music sing in a way that is engrossing and enveloping. You just want to keep on listening.

Finally, for someone naturally averse to sales pitch of any kind, I find that Tony has a refreshing no-bullshit approach. You can depend on him to deliver on any claim he makes, both in terms of the quality of his products and the reliability of his service. All done in a friendly, relaxed and cheerful manner.

Thank you Tony

Mr Richard Edwards, Carmarthenshire September 2015

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