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Ralf Klinkhammer - Coherent upgrade service

Since Bel Canto Design isn't yet so well known here in Germany, I contacted Tony for a modification of my Bel Canto ref 1000. Another reason was the Bel Canto Pre, modified by Coherent Systems, I purchased there to substitute my stock BC pre. I was quite impressed how much better my system sounds by putting that pre in the middle of my chain.

I knew that Coherent Systems did modify both the power supply and the pre amplifier section, adding components to the power supply and chancing capacitors on the board. That was something I was looking for to update my power amps. Undoubtly things like chancing binding posts, implementing better cables or using damping cloths will improve a componet's performance, and this was all done very well with my monos, but together with that modification was done on and even on the backside of the board. Its my opinion that only a skillful technician, experienced with digital technique and in particular knowing how the ICE power moduls inside the BC monos work, can achieve a modification with such a stunning result.

I'm very happy with the way the Bel Cantos sound. It is like something new. It may sound like a stereotype often heard, but now there's a desire to listen to one CD after another, dicovering well known songs like new. It is not an improvement in one aspect or another, the power amps play on a different level, keeping their warm and involving sound, but doing everything better . They sound more open now, with much better bass control and quiter background, and most important, more musical.

All through the time of modification Tony supplied me with information, both with text and pictures. Thank you very much, Tony

Best wishes

Ralf Klinkhammer, Germany, April 2015

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