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Alan Magwood - Coherent upgrade service

I recently sent my Pioneer CD player back to Coherent Systems for a second stage modification upgrade: namely, having a Trichord clock and Never Connected power supply fitted. As with the first modifications.

Tony arranged collection of the CD player and returned it to me, installed it and sat with me while we listened to some music and discussed my system and any improvements I might consider in the future. He explained that it would take some time for the clock and the psu to burn in.

When he phoned me a couple of weeks later to ask for an update, I was able to report a quite extraordinary focus and clarity to the sound that seemed to be still evolving. Bass is tighter, the sound stage is deeper and there is better separation and space around voices and instruments. In fact, I can now distinguish individual voices in backing vocals.

On good recordings, there's a visceral quality to the sound akin to a live performance. I was now able to appreciate the reasoning behind the first modifications Tony made to the player, to reduce the noise floor and improve the tone. Without this, I suspect the sound would have been rather stark.

I've no experience of very expensive high-end players, but I feel that taking this route of buying a well-regarded mid-priced machine and having it upgraded has proved cost-effective and very worthwhile. I doubt I'd have found a better firm that Coherent Systems to give me this combination of expertise and dedicated customer service. Thank you very much, Tony.

Kind Regards

Alan Magwood, South West, Januray 2015

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