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Peter Smyth - Coherent sales and service

I was introduced to Tony through a mutual friend. He arrived at my home with a selection of hand built cables and isolation devices and over the course of the evening replaced most of my transparent cables with Coherent ones. Each change brought insight and detail into my system that previous had not been there before.

Tony also has a fabulous ear and he repositioned my Martin Logan speakers, WOW, what an improvement.

Some years later I felt my system was lacking that engaging quality I know it was capable of producing. I contacted Tony, who being very helpful listened, and suggested that I fitted some cables with gold plugs rather than the rhodium plugs I had fitted in the intervening years this was a major success.

We then looked at my Denson CD player. Over the next few weeks Tony patiently delivered, unpacked and set up a number of components. Eventually I purchased the 3box Belcanto system, comprising of a CD2 player 3.5DAC MK II & VBS power supply.

Tony is also spot on with electronics and replaced all of the capacitors in my Krell KAV 250P preamp which were on their last legs due to the age of the unit. This breathed new life into my system.

A few months on and I am delighted, my system is run in and the sound has been lifted to a new level I have not experienced before.

Many thanks

Peter Smyth, London, September 2014

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