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Andrew Bellamy - Coherent sales and service

About a year ago I decided to replace my now ageing Oracle record deck although I was very happy with it, but I felt it was time for a upgrade , as usual I started to check out the options available to me ,I was looking to spend in the10k region I had some decks in mind.

Some I had seen and heard at shows some i had just read reviews and audiophile opinions , after a lot of research I had my final list of three decks , I contacted each dealer and went through the pros and cons of each of the decks I was interested in.

I have been a audiophile now for many years and have built up a very expensive system. Invested a lot of time and money I getting the room acoustics right so I wanted something that would complement the rest of my system and of course my arm and cartridge. I am very particular in the sound I like, and the equipment I buy which gives me the most pleasure to listen to.

As we all know times are hard and I wanted to get the best sounding turntable for my hard earned cash. So do I go for the solid mass or for suspended sub chassis design?

I was more and more leaning toward the sub-chassis design so contacted Coherent Systems to get some info on the new Oracle V1 , I spoke to Mr Anthony Sallis who by the way is a very nice chap , I was surprised at his totally unbiased opinions when I told him of the other two deck I had in mind.

He first of all asked me what I wanted from my turntable and the kind of sound I liked. He then went through the various differences of the decks never once in any way pulling down the other two in fact he was telling me all the benefits of all three decks I had in mind , after a long and interesting conversation I decided to think long and hard about which way to go.

Sometime later I contacted Tony again and he was more than helpful (This guy knows his stuff) He emailed me lots of info regarding the New Oracle, after reading and more research I decided this was the deck for me.

After contacting Tony again and making the purchase, He said he would deliver it in person and set the deck up for me. He arrived as promised on a hot summer day and brought his wife for the company (who by the way nearly stole me most precious item, my Springer Spaniel friends for life I think)

Tony very carefully set up the deck I was impressed by his regard for the gear he was very careful, I like that. Tony went through the operations of the new deck and showed me how to put the belt on in one easy movement....easy for him to say!

I couldn't wait to play this new shining turntable so to the first LP one I know very well I was horrified, what had I been listening to for the last few years nothing like this the grace, soundstage, depth, space ,noise floor, tightness of the bass were light years from my old turntable ,the sound was exactly what I had been hoping for, the more records I played even LP's I has not listened to for a many years sounded wonderful the oracle sang like a bird I was hearing things I had never heard before it totally exceeded my expectations in every way even down to the ease of use I am a very happy customer!

I can very easily and highly recommend Coherent Systems for any high end equipment or for any impartial information I never felt in any way any pressure at any time during the conversation with Tony.

Andrew Bellamy, North East, August 2013

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