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David Allen - Coherent sales and service

WARNING! Coherent Systems can damage your health

Having asked to demo the Bel Canto CD3T/DAC 2.5, Tony dropped them to my house on a Saturday morning as he was visiting the area.

What I didn't count on was him staying for 4 hours and totally transforming my system.

I had become despondent with the sound from my Focal speakers, but after 15 minutes Tony had them sounding just as I had hoped they would.

From then on each new interconnect/cable raised the level of my system further.

All this was done with his usual knowledgeable and friendly manner, a model of customer service.

At the end he played some tracks he had mastered and really showed how Cd's could sound before they were compressed for the mp3 market.

I strongly recommend you contact Coherent Systems as you will not find better.

I used to keep fit by cycling most days but now I look for any excuse to stay sat on the sofa and continue listening to music.

You have been warned!

David Allen Worcester, November 2012

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