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Martin Ilsley - Coherent upgrade service

Just a quick line to say thanks for the call last night re delivery of the Arcam, you obviously have a good old fashion sense of service all too often missing these days.The Arcam arrived in good order and everything lights up etc!

Hi Tony, As promised I can now let you know what I think initially of the upgrade work you did on the Arcam. You will need to bear in mind that my system is quite modest consisting of NAD C 356, MA BX6's a mixture of Chord and audioquest wires and Merlin power cables.

First impressions are that there is an incredible amount of detail available now not just in instrument separation but also the timbre and resonance of the instrument, timing is so much better , we listen to a lot of acoustic based music and what I would call natural vocal material i.e. not messed about with in the studio, the vocal reproduction is now as good as I've heard live.

In general the soundstage is so much more realistic with a very strong hint of the openness and depth that is describe by the higher end systems, The best thing about all this extra detail and it's presentation is that it still has what I call that warm analogue, almost valve like, sound which as we discussed is why I went for the Arcam in the first place no hint of clinical digital harshness.

My amp is obviously the week link although for now it is still capable of providing quite high levels of performance and will have to suffice until I can look to upgrade, at which point I may well look to you for advice.

So, I am extremely well pleased with the results and look forward to seeing how the Arcam delivers once it's had a bedding in period. From what I've heard so far I'm sure there is more to come from it and will outlast several more system upgrades to come.

Very many thanks for your efforts and service, I'm sure we will speak again.

Best Regards,Martin

Martin Ilsley - May 2013 Cornwall

Martin Ilsley-Cornwall, May 2013

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