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Simon Granger - Coherent sales and service

I recently decided to change my amplifiers and the Belles range by David Belles looked very interesting, relatively affordable and had had good reviews. I phoned up Coherent Systems, the Belles distributor and retailer, and spoke to Tony Sallis and told him of my plans.

My (then current) NuForce Reference V3 SE monoblocks as "Good entry level" - so I took them along for a demonstration against the Belles. He wasn't wrong - there was absolutely no area where the NuForce came close to either the Belles SA-100 or the Belles SA-30 power amps.

This was before Tony introduced the pre-amp into the equation - going straight from my Nagra CDC was good - going from the Belles preamp was magnificent. So I bought the pre and power and after a evaluation period upgraded to the LA-01 Pre (from the original Vt-01). The sound is now spectacular, and as ever, there is probably more I can do, but I very happy now.

This is in no small part due to the standard of the support and service from Coherent Systems: beautiful dem rooms that are just like a room people will actually listen to music in, superb hospitality, a policy of letting the music speak for itself - all backed up with a very good understanding and technical knowledge of the products. Tony even dropped my amps to me at Chelmsford as he "Was in the area".

The Belles amps have an open, honest and forthright view into the music, they do everything superbly well and make listening an absolute pleasure. You could also say that of the whole Coherent Systems approach.

Huge thanks to Tony and Anne at Coherent Systems

S. Granger, December 2011

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