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Steven Baxter - Coherent sales and service

Coherent Systems engineer systems to provide what individual listeners want. I have had very good relationships with retailers of high end audio equipment but Coherent Systems provide an entirely different service.

Coherent systems know that individual listeners want different things from an audio system. A musician who plays to a high standard in a string quartet may want a system which can accurately recreate the exact tone of the instruments with which he is familiar.

For example a listener with severe loss of high frequency perception may gain most from a system designed to provide very high definition in mid range frequencies. A listener interested in small group jazz recordings may have different priorities, for example very accurate imaging.

The common denominator is a commitment to give these individual listeners what makes music most real for them. This is of course why we listen to music; for the sensation of involvement and communication.

The stated intention at Coherent Systems is to make listeners smile and make them want to find another recording to put on, for the system to get out of the way and to allow the listener to enjoy music rather than "listening to hi-fi". I had always aimed for a system that did this but did not achieve it until my system was re-engineered with the help of Coherent.

In particular, Coherent's vibration damping and bespoke cables were a revelation. More costly "reference" standard cables from a very well known manufacturer simply did not come close to Coherent's 4d series.

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