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Simon Jeffrey - Coherent sales and service

I was introduced to Coherent System through a friend that has used Coherent services very successfully before. I could easily see through the company's website that quality products and services were available so I was happy to give them a call.

In fact my first "chat" was over email and then I meet Tony at a few HiFi shows. I was impressed with the systems that were on demo and his room was always one of the best sounds at these shows.

I was kindly invited to one of his open days which was a total revelation on how to take a very modest system, apply Coherent's skills and end up with a fantastically sounding system for a modest outlay. I have heard these components together before and they normally don't work well but that all changes in Tony's hands. This seriously impressed me and I wanted to learn how to achieve this on my system.

This lead to Tony offering a no obligation home visit to see what could be done to improve my system. I cannot express enough the quality of the service that followed with numerous home visits trying different speakers, cables and isolation techniques which took my system to the next level. I just would not have achieved this on my own.

Tony works in a very friendly manner with no aggressive sales technique and no pressure to purchase at all. The visits were never rushed and actually turned into very enjoyable listening sessions with us both enjoying the music, that's what it is all about hey. His passion for music and getting the best from systems was very evident. He often sat there, eyes closed, absorbed with the sound analysing what to do next. He was prepared to leave some of the items for me to enjoy in my own time to make sure no rush decision were made. He follows up for a friendly chat to see how I was progressing and if I needed any further assistance. I actually did and he was happy to return yet again to assist.

Some, including me at that time, often wondered if some of the isolation products really delivered or was it all a bit of snake oil. Tony clearly shows how these devices help to get the best out of your equipment and proves it through demonstrations to let your own ears decide. It was soon very obvious to me the improvement gains are there if you are prepare to open your scepticism and try it.

It is very evident as you get to know Tony his understanding of the subject and his superb electronic knowledge and background really shines through with the results he achieves. The service I received is just not normally heard of these days and it was a very refreshing experience especially when purchasing relatively expensive equipment.

Since then Tony has kept in touch and I really would like to thank him for all his valuable experience and advice which has transformed my system. Simon

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