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Matt Ridley-Coherent Sales and service

I have been into my hi-fi for a number of years and whilst I was content with the system I had built (comprising a Rega Apollo CD Player, Primare A20 MKII Amp, Dynaudio Focus 110 Speakers as the main components), however I had felt for a while that there was 'something missing' from the delivery of the music. I was first made aware of Tony at Coherent Systems after hearing a friends set-up and being highly impressed with the cleaner, more detailed and natural sound that was produced. I gave Tony a call and he came round to my house and firstly listened to my system and suggested I was getting about 20 - 30% of the system potential. As the evening progressed he added in (in succession) his connoisseur '+' interconnects, speaker cables and some 'little marvels' he calls Black Ravioli, followed by power leads and a mains conditioning block. To say the incremental improvements were significant would be an understatement. Even with all my existing electronics being used, the sound was much cleaner, the soundstage was greatly improved, whilst the vocal detail and instrument separation was in a totally different league to what I was used to - essentially the sound I was listening to was much more 'natural', as the artist had intended it to be heard. Following this demonstration Tony reckoned I was now getting about 85% of the system capability and it certainly sounded as though this was the case. Whilst there was no pressure from Tony to purchase his equipment, I was convinced I needed to and set about my first system upgrade with some interconnects, speaker cables and black ravioli under my speakers and amp. Following this, I had a need to change my amp in order to accommodate my Home Cinema System. As previously experienced, Tony's knowledge was spot on with regard meeting my system requirements and I am now enjoying the running-in of a Belles Soloist 3 pre-amp and Soloist 5 Power Amp and Connoisseur '+' interconnects.

You could be forgiven for being a little skeptical about the benefits of simply changing cables within your system, however I would urge you to give the Coherent products an audition before looking elsewhere at changing your source components - you could realise a significant improvement with a relatively minor system change.

Matt Ridley, Gloucestershire. November 2007

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