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I took advantage of this down time by leaving the 21A running for two weeks to burn-in the new caps and diodes. It's sounding pretty amazing, the layering, depth and bloom is fantastic and the caps are probably not fully broken in and the cable has another 200 hours before they began show their colour.

The speed and pace of the music is more involving with great timbre between soft and loud passages. My Rega Apollo does not have the resolution of the Bel CD2 and Dac3 the Bryston BDA-1 should give my Vandersteen 2 CE Sig II more top end extension and low end grunt. I'm still impressed by those monitors, Cabasse Bora’s was it? I play the Canon D cd often and the mid-bass and highs do not even come close to the monitors, I'm sure the Belles IA-01 has something to do with that.

I am quite happy with my modded 21A and I thank you for going above and beyond what you would normally do on a mod, your love of music and design is truly displayed in the work you do and me and the boys are grateful we had the pleasure of meeting you in person. We wish you and your family much happiness and success.

God Bless,

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