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David Hall - London

Dear Tony,

Thank you for sending my cables so promptly - I now have a complete Coherent Systems cable loom. As you know, I was shocked by the increase in sound quality the Connoisseur interconnects gave me. I really wasn't expecting this degree of improvement, especially as my current set at the time were quite expensive.

With the mains cables and speaker cables now in place the whole system has been elevated to another league altogether - if I'd been blindfolded, I honestly would not have believed it was the same system - fantastic!!

I've auditioned many cables before, and, like many people, have been left scratching my head comparing the different strengths of different cables, wondering which one was 'best'. Not this time. I found your cables to be so obviously 'right', simply giving me more of everything I look for in music - texture, timbre, timing, naturalism, detail and depth. Coherent? Yes, absolutely!

I love listening to music, it's a passion. Now I have found a whole new world in my cd collection. I am totally delighted. Thank you very very much.

Kind regards,
David Hall

PS A30 Amp also absolutely fabulous - it's a little gem!

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