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Philip - West Midlands

Having spent many months getting advice from Tony I finally made it down to Malvern to demo some lovely focal standmounts in the real world setting of his front room.

Although I didn`t buy them , what I learnt helped me choose my speakers later [B&W 804s].

After much thought about upgrading my bel canto ref 1000 to the mark 2 version I decided to have some of the modified ones instead. They were immediately deeper in bass and sweeter to listen to.

I also bought a 4D interconnect to replace my chord indigo . Although it was equal in detail to the indigo it was more natural , Very linear in presentation and is a good match for my virtual dynamics interconnect pre power.

Having experimented with so many mains cables in the past, Krystal Kables, virtual dynamics, nordost and coherent I firmly believe in them making a difference . So tony offered to come up and gradually replaced all the cables with 4 D mains and his powermaster and ravioli [some of which I was using already].

The greatest difference was replacing the inbound cable to my sigmas conditioner. And as we continued more of the speakers seemed to be used. The musicality of the system and the sheer naturalness was impressive.

There is no pushiness with tony , you almost have to winkle stuff out of him, especially black ravioli !!!

Currently my system is predominantly coherent 4d and 3d mains cables and listening to a 5 piece guitar naim album recently every guitar sounded so natural.

The cables are not cheap but beautifully made and eclipse many others on the market. I am grateful for his advice and assistance.

System is:

  • Leema Antila cdp
  • Bel Canto Pre 3
  • Bel Canto ref1000 modified by coherent
  • Cyrus Fmx tuner
  • Isotek mains conditioner
  • Supports: stillpoints and ravioli on mdf supported on isoclear springs
  • Speakers: B&W 804s

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