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John Bennett - Coherent sales and service

Malvern Hills is known throughout the country as an area of outstanding natural beauty, it is now attracting a slightly different clientèle. Those interested in outstanding, naturally reproduced music.

Malvern has become the home of hi-fi, or more accurately, music reproduction. This has taken the form of a company nestled under the Hills, called Coherent systems and captained by an extremely knowledgeable and customer-friendly guy, by the name of Tony Sallis.

His first striking attribute is a genuine friendliness, devoid of any falseness and that urgency to close a deal. This guy understands his craft and takes time to listen, not only to his music, but tirelessly to his customers needs and expectations. You instantly feel that you are welcome in his home and there is a distinct lack of clock watching, which gives the customer plenty of time to take in the intracacies and new sounds, of the incredible items on offer.

Whether prince or pauper, Tony can supply a stunning system to suit a customer's budget, without the snobbery which sometimes raises its ugly head in some other demo-rooms. There is no hard-sell. He gives the customer all the time in the world to think about it. Therefore leaving empty-handed, after a two or three hour session, causes no alarm. Return visits are obviously welcomed and are met with plenty of coffee and usually more new products to marvel at.

I could go on and on, but anyone really into music, owes it to themselves to take a day out of their lives and experience sounds which, like the incredible scenery of that area, will leave the customer in awe and admiration of what Malvern has to offer.

Thank you Tony
John Bennett, Shropshire

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