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Jon Nicholls - Coherent sales and service

I would just like to write to you to thank you for the excellent service I have received from yourself. I, like many others, was a cable sceptic until I visited your premises and heard the little Bel Canto integrated amplifier and CD player through Focal 1007Be using the amazing 3D cables. The lovely detailed and textured sound was quite amazing from such reasonably priced equipment, and to coin your phrase it certainly had some "juice"! I was immediately sold on the Focal 1007's and as you know had your lovely Zebrano demonstrators off you, including an inter-connect!

What I would really like to thank you for though is the after sales service and the visit to my humble home to set up my equipment and speakers. Many dealers do not demonstrate such a level of service and commitment to their customers, especially when they are not necessarily big spenders. The 4.5 hours or so you spent at my home, and at no cost, probably made the biggest difference and improvement to the sound of my system yet. Just getting the speaker positioning as correct as possible within the limits of the small space has made a huge improvement to my set up and sound.

At no point during the demonstration at your house or at mine did I feel any pressure or commitment to buy, the performance of the equipment was persuasive enough!! This is also another rarity among dealers. Also your willingness to engage in discussions on Hi Fi and provision of advice off line goes above and beyond the service I would expect from a dealer and I really appreciate your opinion. Anyway, many thanks for all your advice, cables and especially the gorgeous Zebrano 1007s!! I will definitely be seeing you again for more cables and when the time comes amplifier and beyond........!

Jon Nicholls, Bracknell

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