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Gerry Williams - Coherent sales and service

I would like to put down on paper the customer service provided by Tony at Coherent Systems. I learned about Coherent Systems, through my nephew who was thinking of replacing his Linn setup. So arrangements were made for my nephew and myself to visit Tony in the Malvern's for demo on a Friday morning starting at 10.30am.

On arrival we welcomed with a good cup of tea and the sound of Pink Floyd playing in the demo room, Tony did inform us the system was just warming up. After half an hour discussing each others musical preferences and the type of hi fi equipment my nephew and myself have acquired over time (my hi fi purchasing started in 1972), it was off to the demo room.

The system Tony had setup for us was -

  • Focal JMLab Electra 1007Be
  • Puresound A8000 CD
  • Bel Canto One S300i
  • Coherent cables

We settled down to listen to various types of music and this system was never caught out, in fact there were bits of detail on albums I have been listening to since the 70's that I had never heard before. At this point I would like to point out, that the system I had at home cost me nearly 3 times the price of the system Tony had put together. The longer the demo went on the better the detail and all round sound got, in fact I had to get up to check Tony was not playing the big Utopia Be's. One thing that stood out was, whatever level the volume was set to whether it be high or low the detail in the music was never lost and you found yourself listening to the music not the name of the equipment.

It was now 12.30 and Tony asked if we would like to hear the Esoteric X01 cd player, which of course we did. This replaced the Puresound and we talking a different ball game and this is not taking anything away from the Puresound. Once again, I had a cd player costing more than the Puresound and Esoteric put together and both of these had more detail and were more musical. At this point I was beginning to see that the past 30 odd years I had been spending listening to the guys from the "Top Hi Fi Dealers" had been wasted.

The afternoon just got better and better, as Tony slowly upgraded the system with various amps, cd and speakers. I must point out that at no time was there any sales pitch and there seemed to be no time limit, in fact it was me and nephew who had to bring the demo to an end. As I had been considering changing my system, this demo (which I got to say got 11 out 10 from both me and my nephew) convinced me and I came away with a pair or Electra 1007Be's, plus a date for a home demo.

The home demo was even better than our demo day Coherent, the advice and help Tony gave throughout that day was brilliant. Tony had brought with him Coherent interconnects, mains cable and speaker cable and proceed to just to work through my system as it stood changing a cable at a time. Each change brought an improvement and I would like to say the cables they replaced were not cheap. Also, Tony added isolation platforms and pods, which just made such a difference I was amazed. Other bits of advice given was, mounting the plasma on the wall as this causing problems with the overall sound and things started to sound good.

We then moved on to replacing my system with the system I had been listening to at Coherent. I was then convinced that my system did not match up to the system Tony had matched perfectly, even though mine cost more. I was even more convinced as Tony demo how to upgrade your system in the correct way, not as I had been doing for the last decade or so.

Needless to say this was not my last demo with Coherent (one on the cards to listen to the Diva's), I can put my car in to auto drive and it takes me to the Malvern's. I can not recommend Coherent Systems enough, especially Tony who is so knowledgeable and always has time to answer any questions you may have.

My Current System:

  • Focal JMLab Micro's
  • Bel Canto One Pre3
  • Belles 150a Power Amp
  • Puresound A8000 CD
  • Coherent Speaker Cable
  • Coherent Interconnects

Best Regards
Gerry Williams, Bristol

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