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Mark Brackstone-Coherent sales and service

A quick note on the customer service provided by Tony at Coherent Systems. I learned about Coherent Systems about a year ago as I was looking at some potential modifications to my CD Player to cure some top end harshness. I ended up with an interconnect from Coherent which gave the desired result in my system.

Recently I was in a position to upgrade my speakers and had shortlisted some Focal 1007's for a demonstration. My local dealer stocks Focal but I had previously had a bad experience and didn't really feel that they could provide a satisfactory demonstration.I'd been impressed with the service I'd received from Tony at Coherent and had learned to my delight that his business had expanded somewhat since my previous visit and now included Focal Speakers. I had noted on the website a pair of ex-demonstration Micro Utopias which I was very keen to audition, so I dropped Tony a note expressing an interest. Tony contacted me that evening and we had a quick chat about arranging a demonstration.

It has been 12 months since my previous visit and Tony was not only able to recall our encounter but also remembered what equipment I was using. Impressive, to say the least. It is at this point Tony mentioned that the Micro's may not be the ideal partner for my equipment but the lower priced 1007's may provide a better synergy. I don't know many Hifi dealers that will discourage a higher spend in favour of ensuring that the customer is left with a great sounding system.

I arrived at Tony's house for the demonstration on a Saturday morning and took my equipment along to pair with the speakers. A demonstration at Tony's is unlike any you'll experience with a high street dealer. You are made to feel at home and very welcome, it's more like visiting a friend to listen to some music than going to a hifi dealers. Coffee's out of the way and the system set up I settled down for the demonstration with a selection of music that I had brought for the occasion.

We ended up listening to the Focal 1007's for about 2 hours and had, had a really enjoyable time listening to the music. At this point Tony swapped the speakers for the Micro Utopias and we listened to some more music. It was apparent to both myself and Tony that the synergy that the 1007's provided, wasn't there with the Micro's, so these were quickly dismissed.

Decision made we did the deal and then Tony set up his own personal system for a demonstration. I was stunned by the system I heard and it is a testament to Tony's expertise that he can build a system that will simply blow you away with the sheer dynamism and emotion. He is able to create a synergy that is almost perfect. Even with my own system once I had listened to it with the 1007's it had reached a completely new level for a relatively low cost.

Throughout the demonstration Tony does not make you feel at all obliged to make a purchase and I was given all the time I needed to make up my mind. I had arrived about 10am and did not leave Tony's house until about 2pm.

I have never before experienced a level of one to one service like this and it is regardless of whether you make a purchase or not. All Tony is interested in, is making sure you walk away happy and that you have left with a good experience.

Coherent provide a unique service, which has so far, not been matched by anyone else I have purchased from. If you like a personal, bespoke service, then Coherent is for you.

Highly recommended!

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