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John Dutfield - Coherent Products & service

Dear Tony…just a few words of thanks for the service, the products and the great day out. After thirty years of interest in HiFi, I thought I had heard most things, so was quite astonished by the value you wrung from my budget. I was after all, really just updating my old system, and was expecting maybe a small improvement. Wrong!

First many thanks for the reworking of the Copland 266’s innards…quite astonish level of detail and dynamics now, but still retaining the Copland character of musicality that I love…pure touch of magic and at a price that wouldn’t have bought anything at all. After that, thanks for a great day out listening at Coherent. I loved the way the sound just built and improved as you demonstrated all those little things that most dealers don’t seem to have time for. Sure the Bel Canto s300i and Focal 1007’s are perfect for me, but wringing another huge improvement from them with matched cables and etc was brilliant, and even converted me to some tweakery that I’d previously been cynical of.

And the bottom line? I have what I came for. A system that plays all types and qualities of recording, squeezing music out of them all and just producing grin after grin, within budget.

Dynamics? Oh yes!
Bass and rhythm? Yup. Midrange heaven...
Texture? Emotion? Yes again.
Sweet top end? Natch.

Problems? Oh yes…One more late night session playing stuff I’d not bothered with for twenty years and I’m moving out, apparently. Ah well, with my share of the house, I reckon I might stretch to that ‘other’ system you played at the end!!

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