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Andrew B. - Coherent Products

I am delighted to report that I have found something that has made a worthwhile and significant impact on my system: a set of speaker cables, two power cords and a mains conditioner from Coherent Systems.

When combined these items produce an extremely engaging, grain free sound. The first thing you notice is the improvement in the systemís transparency. It really seems like a veil has been removed from the speakers. There is a noticeable improvement in levels of detail as well. Micro detail, gone unnoticed before, suddenly appears from every corner of the soundstage. Instrument separation also improves. What seemed acceptable before now seems just a little muddy and muddled by comparison.

Music appears more alive/exciting, dynamic and certainly more forward but not in a bad way. The sound is never harsh, thin or overly aggressive - there is lushness and texture to everything which is really very appealing especially with jazz and ambient music. On quicker music, such as rock, leading edges are crisper and bass timelier. Guitars and drums carry more weight and impact. Things speed up. The foot definitely taps.

Nothing in the Coherent sound is over emphasized. The music just seems to have a balance and inherent rightness to it which makes for a far more involving musical experience. In my opinion this is quite an achievement at any price point let alone the ones offered by Coherent. I believe I would have to spend a lot more money than I did with Coherent on a CD player or an amplifier to get a similar upgrade in sound. In my opinion that makes Coherent products good value for money.

I would certainly encourage anyone considering a cable or system upgrade to give Tony a call. His products have made a worthwhile difference to my system.

Coherent products:

  • Coherent Systems Power Master 2
  • Connoisseur speaker cables and power cord
  • Cuirve Profond power cord


  • Wadia 16
  • Bel Canto 2i
  • Meadowlark K2

Other cables tested:

  • Chord
  • Van den Hul
  • Acoustic Zen
  • Gut Wire
  • Shunyata
  • Virtual Dynamics
  • Nordost

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