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Dear Tony…Just a brief word of thanks for the first class service and progress to date.

Like many, I bought my first system through the UK's dealership network and was fortunate enough to receive decent advice on component matching. Although basic, this system served me well over the years with a few tweaks and minor upgrades. At the time, I could not afford (what I thought was) the ultimate turntable based set up. A few years back I decided to upgrade the basic system and bought the system I wanted. It was much better although something was missing somewhere - two dimensional sound, grey-ness and a seat in the upper circle for most performances. So, costly cables, power supplies (even a sub woofer) and mains conditioners followed. The music was better although despite careful set up - it sounded sterile and bereft of any passion or involvement. It was difficult to pin down as I was convinced I had a well matched set-up and it certainly produced better results than I had heard before. And of course it was reassuring to know the brands were reputed to be world class. Maybe it was my hearing (advancing years) but there was still something missing.

Shopping around for components or buying and selling bits and pieces looked to be a lengthy and costly route to something better - without any guarantee of solving that "missing" puzzle. It was in fact the way many people "upgraded" There is certainly no shortage of advice and tempting world class components out there to play with.

Our first conversation started by me commenting it was encouraging to hear music in the background when you called. I was also impressed by the quick "out of hours" response. Much of that first call was about our shared passion for music and an elusive "rightness" in its reproduction. The first meeting at Malvern was a revelation for me in terms of what was possible. It also starkly convinced me to migrate to a new well founded and balanced system rather than continue to "upgrade".

I realised during our demonstrations that it was not a question of what was missing from the music - more a case of what was getting in the way. Coherent has already invested all the hours and expense that I was facing without the know how to get anywhere near the same result. From then on, the solution became simple and parting with my cherished dream system (mostly funding its replacement) became easy.

tape), amp, loom and speakers have all seemingly vanished. There is just the big invisible centre speaker along with the correctly positioned and textured band, orchestra or vocalist in the room. My wife sits and listens (a first) and my two year old looks around to see who was singing. I know you will tell me there's another 30% to get from it but that can wait …at least until the music stops... Right now, the system is pure joy. The original source components (CD, TT and Thank you again.

Regards Peter

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