Repairs by Coherent Systems

repairs repairs repairs repairs

From time to time those audio electronics we cherish and adore so much can run into problems.

Whether its a noisy channel, low output on your pre-amplifier, distortion issues or plain non functionality.

So, if your DAC is poorly, your valve amplifier is sounding a little off colour, or maybe your CD player has just given up the ghost. We can help with these matters.

Coherent Systems has a fully comprehensive electronics lab coupled with the expertise and knowledge of over 40 years experience in electronics and electrical engineering field. Including: fault finding and diagnostic work.

We have a very open policy when it comes to repairs. No large and unforeseen hidden expenses. We investigate first, advise you of the situation then discuss the best possible course of action for the individual circumstances, making sure you are kept in formed at all times.

We specialise in all digital electronics, CD/SACD/DVD players. Amplifiers (both solid state and valve), digital to analogue converters, power supplies too.

Coherent Systems take pride and care in their workmanship and understand all equipment being repaired is looked after correctly.

Insured collection and delivery service also available.