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(Prototype) Connoisseur Mains Cables in HiFi News June 2004

Modded DV-565A vs. standard DV-565A (stock mains leads on both): Unomdded player: unlistenable. Modded player: a revelation. Bass tighter and more tuneful but no real slam. Transformed an unlistenable player into a listenable one.

As above but using the experimental mains lead: "the mains lead was amazingly, and depressingly and enigmatically a revelation. I was upto this point deeply sceptical that mains leads could make an improvement. I knew they could make a difference. But what I wanted, as you know from the opening of the review, was a tangible, repeatable improvement. And I got it." Unmodded player: now listenable but the mains lead didn't improve things as much as the clock mods Modded player: "the first time in the review process I found myself listening to music" ?

Modded player with mains lead into MF TriVista DAC 21: I couldn't really see the point of this one as he wasn't comparing anything but it was obviously much better than anything he'd heard up to this point in the review.

Comparing the above setup to his MF NuVista 3D CD player: "The modded DV-565A with exp. lead into TriVista DAC21 was very good. But the NuVista was exceptional". So, in the end he preferred his un-modded, stock lead-ed MF NuVista CD player to anything else but he reckoned the modded and exp. mains lead supplied DV-565A into a TriVista DAC21 a "very worthy runner up, and quite a lot cheaper too". Also, "in terms of value, the modded player on it's own with the exp. mains lead is rather good".

Now about the mains lead: "As for the experimental mains lead (the Connoiseur) - this is made by Coherent Systems, and it really worked. But would I buy it? No, probably not. Two reasons. First, the sheer cost. Re-wiring my system at this level is more than I want to invest - even though I know there is a tangible and repeatable improvement. Secondly, I'm at a philosophical quandry regarding this effect in my system.

Okay, transforming a previously indistinct vocal into a distinct one is both clever and advantageous. But what about bringing that vocal forward? Should it really be forward? Is that what the artist, the producer and the engineer intended? Only they know, I surely don't. Was I experiencing the audio equivalent of looking at a photograph though a magnifying glass? To me, mucking about with the presentation is a slippery slope. Intriguing, certainly but constructive? I really don't know. But if ultra detail is your bag try this experimental Trichord mains lead in your home. You choose."

HiFi News June 2004 - Howard Popeck

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