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Trichord Low Power Interconnect HiFi World April 2004

Coherent Systems - Manufacturers of the High Performance Power Interconnect lead for Trichord Research Trichord Dino plus Dino + Power Supply including High Performance Power Interconnect Lead.

As regular readers will have noticed I have been using a Trichord Dino RIAA for over a year. I had seen advertisements for the same time concerning the upgraded PSU and kept reminding myself to ask the men at Trichord to get one and try it. So after a year I remembered to speak to Graham at Trichord to see if I could listen to one. When I phoned him he said, “ OF course you can use one of the upgraded PSUs but you must listen to our new PSU interconnect. The difference will amaze you!” Now being, a professional, and a little sceptical I agreed.

So the brown boxes arrived and when I opened them there sat the Power Supply Unit with the standard leads and a much thicker lead. The Dino + power supply is intended as the next logical upgrade from the standard Dino PSU. This upgraded unit contains a much larger transformer to supply the raw AC voltage. And the case is crammed with electronics of a very high standard. AC voltage is usually changed into DC voltage with the aid of a bridge rectifier, Graham has used two, using soft recovery diodes for very low radio frequency generation. These rectifiers are followed by a resistive and capacitive filter. This filter contains no less than four 1800-microfarad capacitors! Within the Dino sit a pair of further low noise, wide bandwidth, voltage regulation circuits. This means that this PSU is very, very quiet. The power interconnect is made from an alloy containing copper, silver and gold which has been refined to 99.9999% pure (this figure means that there is virtually no air inside the metal thereby enabling the electricity to continue its path to the Dino almost unheeded) It has a plating of 10 microns of rhodium and each cable is 0.7 mm in diameter. All of the cables are individually insulated using PTFE tube and then are further encased with an other PTFE tube. The assembly is then covered in a black mesh outer jacket. Cryogenically treated this piece of wire seems to hold a lot of promise. The costs are Dino + upgraded PSU £225 including VAT, High Performance Power Interconnect Lead is £140 including VAT. Although a Dino Combination is available for £498 including VAT. In this guise, standard leads are included with the product. For the front end I used an Aurora Gold turntable from Origin Live with an Origin Live OL1 pick up arm which had an Ortofon MC25 FL moving coil cartridge installed in the head shell. As I have been using the standard PSU, for a long time, I decided to start with the larger PSU using the standard power interconnect.

“The Wall” by Pink Floyd was first on the turntable my copy is one of the first generation discs of this piece of music and possibly the best. The sound quality was exquisite all of the instruments are firmly located within the stereo image. This representation of the music was quite simply HUGE! Kick drums slammed into me, lead guitars shot across the living room with precision and speed I have never experienced before. I heard for the first time a Hammond organ in the mix this is a very subtle piece of writing by the composer, which is easily missed. My familiarity with this music underlined the shock I experienced when I heard it. I have always said that this is an epic work and this is certainly true. Ry Cooder was next and his guitar work is again tremendously expressive in that I felt the raw emotion that the musicians were feeling in the studio. The precision of the image is simply awe-inspiring. The drummer and the bass player were playing with a synchronicity that most people only dream about.

Carmen by Bizet was put onto the record deck, and the stereo image grew a little wider the orchestra seemed to have the correct amount of “weight” The soloists were in the right positions and the string sections were slightly behind them. The realism of the stereo image was something of a shock but as I continued to listen I started to appreciate this piece of equipment. The new high performance lead was installed and the difference was staggering the image grew about 10 feet wider than my ATC SCM35 position suggested. All of a sudden, I was involved in the music not just listening to it! Bass instruments had a larger truer character. The midrange suddenly became even more believable with just the right amount of treble register. This lead transforms the RIAA into something really special. My scepticism was dashed into pieces as I listened to piece after piece of music. This RIAA takes on a completely different character with the substitution of the upgraded PSU and the PSU interconnect I remember a manufacturer telling me once, “There is a musical event in that image!” I am changing this to, there is an emotional event happening in my listening room and it involves me!

In conclusion, this is one of the finest RIAAs and Power Supply units made in this country. The Trichord Dino with the addition of a Trichord Dino + Power Supply and the High Quality Power Interconnect becomes transparent, so the listener can truly become involved in the music. This combination has no character at all and as a result lets the emotional and musical event transport the listener where the musicians intend.

Master craftsmanship at its best, so if you are going to upgrade, buy one of these units. I will guarantee you will not be disappointed.

HiFi World April 2004

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