Welcome to Coherent Systems – Home Entertainment Specialists.

Some of the best equipment and sounds available in the UK today our special policy of home demonstrations is first and foremost. Find that hard to believe? Heard it all before? Find out why Coherent Systems are so different.

Why not find out for yourself why customers who have been on the 'HiFi dealer roundabout' label Coherent Systems 'A breath of fresh air' after years in the average sound wilderness.

Come and discuss first hand at what is really possible from musical reproduction today in a realistic environment that you will be able to relate too your home.

Whether Redbook/SACD/DVDA or PC based audio, solid state or valve based systems are your interest we can show you everything from that 1960's 'first taste' HiFi sound to sheer unadulterated realism.

Latest News

Belcanto Refstream and Dac's

Belcanto Designs have introduced a whole new range of improved and upgraded Dacs's with the 1.7 and 2.7 sporting full USB2 24/192Khz inputs, improved 300MA headphone output full mains powered LNS style conditioners fitted as standard and the new superb looking...

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Oracle dealer award

Coherent Systems has been appointed an Oracle dealer of distiction this week. Our experitise with all Oracle products is goes back some twelve years both with their stunning turntables and their  superb digital pieces too. So if you are looking for a ser...

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